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Palya, Australian owned & operated wholesale supplier

Palya was formed in 2019 to focus on supporting Indigenous communities in Australia with a great range of products. Palya is a business that proudly contributes each year to the Mai Wiru Foundation.


Palya offers a wide range of products with over 10,000 lines on our customer ordering site. 


Palya' is a Pintupi language word meaning 'good'. The word 'Palya' is also a way of greeting. For instance, seeing someone again one would say “Palya?” an answer might be “Yuwa” – meaning yes – 'Palya'.
Palya exists largely to service Indigenous communities largely because of the passion of their directors, however, Palya is expanding to other companies and industries that share the same vision and wish to access their product range for mutual benefit.

Palya has many years supply chain experience within the importation, manufacture and wholesaling industries now supplying merchandise to community stores, supermarket chains, retail outlets and major industry. If you're looking for an organisation for supply which gives back, please get in touch with the team at Palya.

Jacob Nichaloff aka "J Milla" is a director and chief Ambassador of Palya he was born and bred in the northern Australian city of Darwin. He is a loud and proud member of the Indigenous Mak Mak Marranunggu people, who are the traditional landowners of the Litchfield National Park area of the Northern Territory.J Milla is also a very talented rap muscian and has a large online following.



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